Isnin, November 02, 2009

Dot for today : An afternoon to remember..(^^)

About a week classmates and I have organize a photo shoot session. It was a very beautiful day even we had a final practical exam earlier that day. Its starts at 12, and tianqi hen re (so hot) , but we manage to do it very well. I call it "an afternoon to remember" because its not easy to make all my classmates together like this. It is always been very hard to make them participate in being with them, capturing photos and sharing laughters make me obviously happy. And of course, since this is our final semester in this campus, we would love to have our photos taken in this beloved , tinnie winnie campus - UiTM Jalan Othman Campus.

my classmates preparing theirselves for the photoshoot..make up, make up..apa lagi kan??(^^)

I kept my self busy arranging the chairs...
Candid photos...

this photo suppose to be a candid photo, but I turn around just the right time the photographer snap it..hhhahah..lucky me (^^) siap ngn "peace!!!!!" lagi

susah betol nak buat formation...huhu

alih2 kami buat bulatan jea...and lelaki kat tengah.
please note, sueda dok palingggg depan..heheh

Gambar ni pun sueda suka...

Hmmm...last friday we got the print-out already. Two 8R photos (1 candid, 1 formal), 2 4R photos (candid) and of course with the soft copy.....(^^) RM 20 semuanyeaa...ok la kan???

P/s : Thank u thousands of lemons to Mr Arzam Shah - the photographer, dia bagi soft copy walaupun kami x cukupkan 30 orang untuk beli gambar2 tu...(^^)

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

teringat aku gambar zaman sekolah dulu

punyalah huduh


sueda berkata...

gambo Fatt Chin Choy huduh tapi gambo sueda ni santek kan?????

aRzaMuaHaha berkata...

hehe..apsal name saye ade dlm blog nih? sib baik cite yg baik2 je :p

sueda berkata... takes u 5 months to realize..ahhaahhahhLOL. Anyway sowi la x mintak kebenaran u (^^)v, x kesah kan???